Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tag - You're it!

Blondie, over at Blondie's Journal tagged me. The post is to post the 4th picture from their 4th folder and write about it. I think I did this earlier but seems like it was 6th folder. Memory dims with age!

I love books...especially books on the South. One of my favorite authors is Harnett Kane (1910 - 1984). He wrote many, many books about the South and I probably have most of them. Pictured below are a few that I go back and read over and over.

Plantation Parade is my favorite. He gives history and the most fascinating stories of the numerous plantation homes and families along the River Road in Louisiana.

Bride of Fortune is about the life of Mrs. Jefferson Davis. Her family was from Natchez, MS. We actually stood in the room where she and Jefferson Davis married. I love this stuff!

Natchez on the Miss. has wonderful old pictures of Natchez and stories of the families.

If you're lucky enough to stumble on his books and love the will love his stories!


Stacey said... Best Blogger Tips

Hmmm...Southern humor is my favorite type of book. I love authors like Fannie Flagg and Anne George. Maybe the books you are mentioning would be fun too. Never thought about historic fiction.

Miss Janice said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your "Southern" books and I'm excited to be a new follower. I look forward to visiting with you again soon!

Kathy said... Best Blogger Tips

I will look out for these books, I have only visited Louisiana once but loved my visit to Laura Plantation, we were very lucky to meet the authors Norman & Sand Marmillion who signed my new book Memories of the old plantation Home by Laura Locoul Grove. We had such a wonderful time, Kathy. :)

Linda Q said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry to be so mean with my tempting dish site, LOL!
But hey, we have to enable each other sometimes, don't we, tee hee!
I also just found out that Rosanna Inc. has warehouse sales twice a year in Seattle. I will be in trouble!

Blondie's Journal said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Judy! I was so glad you found something so interesting to post after being tagged (by moi!). I think my husband would love to visit a plantation. He is very keen on the history of the Civil War and likens himself to President Lincoln! Someday he will visit the southern states to do something besides play golf!

Stay warm & dry! :-)


Jewel Sauls said... Best Blogger Tips

Great suggestions - I love Southern books and history! :D Jewel

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm not familiar with this author or these books but they sound very interesting. I visited New Orleans once and loved it.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Beware the Harnett Kane books! As a former library employee in the South, I eventually learned that he stretched the truth a bit (understatement) though his books are very enjoyable. Heck, he ain't the first one to miss the broad side of the fact bull's butt with his literary bass fiddle!