All About Me

I am currently blessed to be a stay at home wife. I have been married to my college sweetheart "Mr. Dumpling" since 1975....WOW.  

Our OnlySon and wife Miss E live about 4 hours from us so we are truly an empty nest home. They have no children yet...sigh...(I don't think they read my blog) so I can whine just a little eh? My dream was to have a family like The Waltons. I truly wanted to be a Walton. God had different plans for me. I am an only child who had an only child but I haven't given up on Walton grandchildren! ;-) 

(Update: God has blessed us with the most beautiful, sweet, smartest grandson in the whole world!)

An absolutely spoiled rotten 5 (now 6) year old cockapoo named Boudreaux runs our house. He demands to be included with my blogging so you will see him quite often. If you are not a dog lover, you will think me insane at times. If you ARE a dog lover, you will understand me completely. I love my baby!

In my previous working life, I was a Business Education teacher. That started my love of computers and basically all gadgets.

I later was fortunate to be one of the first Customer Support reps for eBay. I worked for them for 10 1/2 years. Dream job...worked from home.

Real life cares summoned and we joined the Sandwich generation with one adult child at home and care-takers for 2 grandparents and 4 parents. Truly, we were blessed to have them all.

Update: (sadly, we have lost our parents). Life is so different with their wonderful presence in our life.)

With so much family living into their 90's, I made great strides in working on our family history. Love and Family Tree. My paternal grandmother and Mr. Dumpling's mother had amazing memories...truly amazing! More blessings...

Mr. Dumpling and I became addicted to antiquing in the 1980's. We love china, glass, pottery, kitchen collectibles, American Oak furniture, lamps, and anything that catches our eye. I was able to design and build our dream home in 2006 and actually have storage for everything.

Love flowers, landscaping and gardening.

Southern style cook....and of course, cajun.

Mr. Dumpling and I are Christians. We met at Bethany Nazarene College in Oklahoma and later moved to Louisiana.  After 34 years here, I am adjusting to small town living. ;-)

Our family are avid LSU fans GEAUX TIGERS!!

I can't think of anything else you would possibly want to know about me.. But if you think of something...just ask!