Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting back in Gear

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth but it feels that way. I've tried several times to do a new posts and my mind just wouldn't cooperate. Do you have days like that?

This Christmas was both difficult and exciting. This was my first Christmas without my mother and grandmother. I lost Mother in June and my precious grandmother, "Ma Vera", 3 weeks later at the age of 95. In my 50 something years, this was only my 2nd Christmas without both and they were so missed. I comforted myself with pictures, memories and putting out Christmas treasures that belonged to them.

Our exciting news was my only child's engagement! Yea! I'm getting a daughter-in-law this year and I'm so happy. He took her to New Orleans and did a very romantic proposal. Her ring is beautiful and we're planning a destination wedding. It's so reassuring to see that life goes on and God has wonderful things in store for our family this year.

Monday, Dec., 29, a cousin of Mr. Dumpling called. He and his fiance wanted to get married on our front porch. The day? In two days! Well, we hit it in gear. Took down outdoor Christmas, power-washed the front porch (yes, it was cold!) and tried to get ready. It was a beautiful wedding and what a way to start the New Year.

I can't wait to show you the Noritake China Mr. Dumpling gave me for Christmas!


Stacey said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't believe you held a wedding two days after Christmas. What a woman!

I'm sure this was a very difficult Christmas for you. I'll be thinking of ya.

Glenda said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful pic in a beautiful setting! Can't wait to see Stewart and Erin's wedding pics posted!!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said... Best Blogger Tips

Christmas is such a difficult time when we've lost loved ones. I'm sorry you had a rough one this year.

The wedding picture on your porch is beautiful. laurie

Blondie's Journal said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Judy Bug!! First time at your blog. I am so sorry for your loss. And it must have been a meloncholy wedding, but a beautiful one at best. The photo's are gorgeous. I will visit again soon


Lora @ my blessed life said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like you've been busy! Thanks for dropping by and entering my giveaway! Good luck:)

Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Judy. I too am 50 something (hard for me to believe)and this Christmas was the 42nd without my mother. You always miss your loved ones most at the holidays. You are very blessed to have had your mother and grandmother for so long. My grandmothers had both passed away before I was born. It's never easy to lose our loved ones no matter how long we've been blessed to have them. Sometimes I think it's even harder the longer we've had them, but God gives us a wonderful thing called memories that keeps them close to us. Cherish those memories whether they bring a smile or a tear. I've enjoyed visiting your blog, please come visit me sometime. I'm brand new to the blogging community. Destination weddings are great!! I'm a wedding planner and 90% of my brides are destination brides. They love getting married on the beach. Hope your year is full of new blessings and lots of memory making.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! What short notice for a wedding. I've had weddings in my house and I've performed wedding ceremonies -- but neither one on such short notice. Your front porch is great!
I know it was a difficult Christmas, but at least you've started 2009 with a lot to look forward to.

Gone said... Best Blogger Tips

What a beautiful tribute to your mom and grandmother...they were truly loved and I know you missed them at the Holidays, especially.

What lovely shots of the Wedding and the Engaged Couple.

Can't wait to see the Noritake!!