Thursday, June 9, 2011

Presidents and their children- Marriages through the years

Since I was a very little girl, I was fascinated with two things: The White House history and weddings. I still haven't been to the White House (sigh) but I've seen and planned numerous weddings along the way including mine 35 years ago! College sweethearts and still in love!

For this Wedding Party, let's take a look at some of my favorite weddings of Presidents or of their children:

Eleanor Roosevelt married her 5 cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1905. She was given away by her Uncle Theodore Roosevelt. Here's a brief description of her dress from the New York Times: 

The bridal gown was a white satin princess robe, flounced and draped with old point lace, and with a white satin court train. The bride's point lace veil was caught with orange blossoms and a diamond crescent. She wore a pearl collar, the gift of the bridegroom's mother, and a diamond bowknot, the gift of Mrs. Warren Delano, Jr. Her bouquet was of lilies of the valley.

Above: The wedding of Theodore Roosevelt's oldest daugher Alice. Quite a story about this family but would take way too much space to tell. This wedding was in 1906. Gorgeous dress!

Below: Jessie Wilson, daughter of Woodrow Wilson. The White House had gone without a wedding for many years to her wedding was quite an event. I"m fascinated with the hats/crowns on her bridesmaid's. It makes me think of the Statue of Liberty for some reason.

Now let's move along. One of my favorite presidents to read about is Harry Truman. He was quite the romantic and wrote many many love letters to Bess all through their marriage. They married in 1919.

Gerald Ford and Elizabeth (Betty) Ann Bloomer Warren Ford in 1948. This was not her first marriage so was more subdued. I think she looks very chic and glamorous don't you?

Ronald Reagan married Nancy Davis in 1952. Recognize the Best Man? yep, that's William Holden (so handsome).

We will never forget the wedding dress of Jacqueline Bouvier when she wed JFK in 1953. Classic for sure. She admitted later she never liked the dress but the Kennedy's insisted on the lavish design. She said it made her "look like a lampshade"!!

I thought the next wedding was so interesting. This is the wedding of Pres. Truman's only child Margaret in 1956. Look at what the bridesmaid's are holding instead of flowers.

Luci Johnson, daughter of LBJ married in 1966 in a large wedding. Interesting: pink net veils on the bridesmaids.

Her sister, Lynda Johnson married in 1967. She had dated the actor George Hamilton but ended up with Charles Robb.

We move along to Tricia Nixon. I always thought she was so cute. She married in 1971. I thought her dress was lovely. She married in the Rose Garden. Lucky girl.

Susan Ford, daughter of Gerald, married in 1979. What was she thinking with that veil? Just not flattering.

Truly one of my favorite dresses was worn by Caroline Kennedy in 1986. The top looks like clusters of flowers...gorgeous.

I haven't included any presidential sons yet but JFK Jr.'s wedding in 1996 just can't be bypassed. Remember how her dress set off a wave of the slip dress? Could he be any more handsome?

In 2008, Jenna Bush married and I thought her dress was stunning and flattering.

Our last presidential daughter is Chelsie Clinton in 2010. Beautiful bride in a Vera Wang dress. Quite an aisle she walked down. 

Just for's some of my favorites through the years:
Elizabeth Taylor in "Father of the Bride". Love this movie!

Shirley Temple, only 17, married John Agar.

Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias

As pretty as all these were, I have a very favorite to share with you. Can you guess?

OnlySon finally got married (oh dear, did I say "finally"?)...He was a typical man with little input in the planning except to say "No wedding during LSU Football season".  

Fortunately Miss E is a huge fan too. Whew. We thought we might have to purchase this for the cake!

I had fun looking at so many wedding pics. Maybe Mr. Dumpling would like to do it all again?


Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said... Best Blogger Tips

Tricia Nixon's wedding is the first one I REALLY remember. I was 11 years old, and my Grandma bought a magazine with the wedding pictures in it. I was in heaven reading and re-reading and looking...

I finally got to go to the White House when it was decorated for Christmas the last year President George W. Bush was in office. Keep trying... You definitely want to go one day! And don't miss the Visitor's Center; you can actually see some things better there!

Karie said... Best Blogger Tips

Love, love the post. I have favorites, but aren't all bride beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Karie

Lori said... Best Blogger Tips

So gorgeous, where did the wedding take place?

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said... Best Blogger Tips

Some are so beautiful and some you wonder " WHAT were they thinking??" thanks for sharing some history with us ..(())

Jan Hennings said... Best Blogger Tips

Great wedding photo's and some fun wedding history!

Celestina Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW, I so enjoyed your party post. I love the history from the White House weddings too. I hope you get to go sometime. I have been invitied twice to paint and it is incredible.
Love the pic of your son and beautiful bride. The cake topper is so cute. Glad you did not have to use it. LOL

Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

Linda M. said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello, Thanks for the visit and comment. Your post is wonderful with all the special weddings, What a great collection. Enjoy the day! Linda

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said... Best Blogger Tips

OH MY GOODNESS! I could spend hours here looking at all of these and then googling them to read MORE! What a delightful, informative post! Pink veils -- seriously?? In my opinion, those earliest gowns were the best -- SO vintage, SO elegant and SO much! Thanks for posting such a fun read!

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said... Best Blogger Tips

This is a great post! I really enjoyed going back in time seeing those weddings. JFK Jr was such a handsome man for sure. They were a beautiful couple. Your own son's wedding was pretty too!

Honey at 2805 said... Best Blogger Tips

Lots of wedding history here! Love the whole post, but I do agree with Jackie Kennedy about her dress.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

What a fabulous walk thru history with these wonderful wedding memories. Jackie O, Jenna are modern day beauties & had/have such elegant tastes. So enjoyed your share.

And, what a fabulous wedding party picture of yours. Love your classy elegance ...

Holly said... Best Blogger Tips

What a fun post! I love Eleanor Roosevelt and I didn't realize that Harry Truman was so romantic! I remember Trish Nixon's wedding and of course JFK's. She was so beautiful. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!
many blessings!

Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great post! Thanks for sharing! I am too young to remember Tricia Nixon's wedding, but I had often heard that it was quite the event and that she was a very pretty bride...I was glad to see a picture of her's quite 'modern' looking for 1971...I bet her dress would still be in style even today!

Our Back Porch said... Best Blogger Tips

This was such a great post! Jackie Kennedy's dress was fab!!! Happy Wedding Blog Party!

Back Porch Blessings,

Gina said... Best Blogger Tips

This was such a great post! I've never seen most of these photos before. Of course, Jackie Kennedy still impresses after all these years.

Blue Creek Home said... Best Blogger Tips

I totally enjoyed your wedding post. I think Jackies dress was lovely!
Your son's and his beautiful bride's photos are lovely.

Charlene said... Best Blogger Tips

Loved it all!!!!!!!!!!!!! But that last photo "takes the cake". CUTE! Thanks for sharing.

romance-of-roses said... Best Blogger Tips

What a lovely post. All the white house weddings are so interesting, enjoyed so much. Your son and his wife make a beautiful couple. Many good wishes go their way.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm just thrilled that you joined us for the Wedding Blog Party! I soooo love your post! You make me want to go read about Alice Roosevelt's family now! Love all the vintage Presidental wedding photos and tidbits you shared. So fun to relive the weddings of John John and Caroline, Luci, Lynda, and Tricia. I didn't realize how handsome Gerald Ford was as a young man! And I'd never seen pics of Jenna or Chelsea, so of course I've spent tons of time here just enlarging and scrutinizing each pic!

My out-of-town relatives are now gone so I can devote all this next week to visiting and revisiting all the lovely wedding posts!! I'm just in heaven!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said... Best Blogger Tips

Oops, hit post before I added in one last and very important sentence. You son and his lovely bride look so happy! Thanks for sharing that! It must have been such a beautiful weddding!!

Angelic Accents

Nancy said... Best Blogger Tips

What a FUN post! I didn't know that Gerald Ford was so handsome as a younger man. :) I enjoyed the pictures and your comments. And I love your new blog design!

yoyoyo said... Best Blogger Tips

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