Monday, May 30, 2011

A Refreshing Glass of Blackberry Mint Tea

If you live in the South, it's a requirement to like sweet tea. Not only must you like sweet tea (not tea sweetened with Sweet n low)...sugar sweet tea.

All Southerner's take/carry/tote their sweet tea out to the veranda. We sit in our wicker rockers under our ceiling fans and say things like "Bless her heart, didn't she look tacky today". If you say "Bless her heart", it's not mean or gossipy.

Ok, I made every bit of that up...well...some of it. Stay tuned.

Actually, it's already in the 90's here and it IS time for tea. For us, we are now addicted to Blackberry Mint tea. Mr. Dumpling has actually gone all the way to town to buy a little container of blackberries. Yes, we live rural...and we "go to town"...3 miles. Anyway...

I grow my own mint but I think I'm going to have to plant more at this rate!

First, you make a "Simple Syrup". There is just no way to do this wrong.

1. Use equal amounts of water and sugar. Because Mr. Dumpling has become an addict, I know use 2 cups water and 2 cups sugar.

2. Stir mixture and bring to a boil. Boil approx. 4 minutes.

 3. Add 1/2 to 1 cups blackberries and 1/2 cup fresh mint. Boil approx. 1 minutes.

4. Remove from heat and let mixture come to room temperature.

5. Using a tea strainer, strain and place syrup in a container. Refrigerate. I love to use my green Depression glass syrup pitcher.

To serve: Place several tablespoons in a glass and add tea. I'm using one of my Duncan Miller First Love goblets (an eBay find).  Add a mint sprig and enjoy!

And remember, I said I made "some" of it up. We really do drink tea while sitting in our wicker rockers on the front porch under a ceiling fan. Welcome to my small corner of paradise. 

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Nancy said... Best Blogger Tips

Mmmm!! Looks delicious! And this is coming from someone who loves just plain sweet flavors added :) I may just have to give your recipe a try! :)

Thelma said... Best Blogger Tips

Yummy!!! Will it work with Splenda or Truvia? Sounds delicious! And I love your blog!!!

JudyBug said... Best Blogger Tips

Thelma, I haven't tried it with that but I bet if you know what equals the 2 cups (or whatever measurement you use" just might work. I would just try the simple syrup without anything added to test for your sweetness in small amounts first.

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Haha, I love the southern stereotypes! That's totally what we think of you here in the north : )

This looks fabulous! I'm eating blackberries right now and thinking how great this would be with it!

Sherrie said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks yummy! Have a great day!

Food for Thought

cheryl@notesfromthecrystalstairs said... Best Blogger Tips

Great idea

Athena at Minerva's Garden said... Best Blogger Tips

Look at that porch and wicker--how beautiful! The tea sounds scrumptious--I will try to play with it and see if I can make it work in a sugar-free version, because I can't eat sugar, but it sounds really good!

Tablescapes By Diane said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi lovely lady.
I love your Blackberry mint tea sounds so good!!! Are you from Texas sweet lady like me??
Your comments about room for my Dishes !! you are right, hubby's clothes, the now essentials. Im your newest follower on your sweet blog now.
I hope you don't forget to come see me next week, and have a Great Week.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said... Best Blogger Tips

I love raspberry tea, too! But I can't eat sugar any more so I'm happy to find tastes good! ♥

Heaven's Walk said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, live the life I wish for! What an absolutely cozy place to watch the world go by with your sweet tea in hand. (sigh!) Bless your heart! :)

xoxo laurie

Melynda@Scratch Made Food! said... Best Blogger Tips

That sounds delicious! I have mint and there will be blackberries.......

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

yumm. We picked several gallons of dewberries this spring. We let some dry on the vine and then picked them for tea. We've made hot tea with them but I will definately have to try it with mint and sweet.

LadyD Piano said... Best Blogger Tips

What a lovely blog you have and excellent mint presentation. Thanks so much for stopping by today. I really appreciate it.

the old white house said... Best Blogger Tips

Haaa! The 'bless her heart' had me rolling! Your tea sounds delicious, I must find mint to grow and get me some blackberries! Thanks for stopping by so I could meet you, I'm so glad I visited! t. xoxo

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