Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Goodbye Summer!

big candle close
This has been one long hot summer in the south! Did I mention dry? No rain? Water conservation necessary. This grass used to be green! All of it! Now it is crunch. Grass shouldn’t be crunchy.
brown yard
So, I’m sick of summer! This will be my very last summer theme post and then it’s “Bring on Fall”!! I love Fall…the crisp air, changing leaves, fires and just those gorgeous colors we decorate with in the Fall.
I brought out some placemats I’ve had for a while but never used. They were a Goodwill purchase and just too cheap to pass up.
tropical mat clear charger
Now don’t ask me why, but every time I see these mats…I start singing Blue Hawaii.  If you know me in “real life”, you’re not even surprised. My mind goes down a lot of paths at one time. Do you do that too?

Blue Hawaii….Elvis…1961. I went to the theater with my mother (so much fun). She was a HUGE Elvis fan, so of course, I was too.  Just for giggles, let’s watch the trailer for the movie. You’ll enjoy it…I promise! Love the clothes and scenery! Ok…and his grin.

Now wasn’t that a fun way to end the summer? I actually saw him twice and I’ve been to Graceland twice. I’m not a groupie….really…a fan…only a fan.  Have you been to Graceland?

This is a pic of OnlySon and me on 8/16/1987 (10th anniversary date of his death) with his pink jeep. Hey, don’t laugh. I bet you dressed like this too in 1987!

stewart judy graceland jeep

Ok, back to the table. Using the Blue Hawaii dirt cheap placemats, I set the table. First, I layered my mother’s tablecloth. See that lace? My grandmother added lace to everything and I do mean everything!

pastel tablecloth closepastel tablecloth

Then the placemat, clear charger (WalMart) and some of my favorite plates! Pastel Petalware was made by MacBeth-Evans from 1930 to 1940.

petalware closepastel petalware 2
The centerpiece is from my living room coffee table. I added the lacey seaweed candles. You just can’t have too many candles!
large shell candle outsidebig candle close

I made a recent find at the Dollar General. Yes…we call it THE Dollar General, like THE Wal-Mart. Winking smile  I adore colored flatware…any color. I found these summery bright green sets for $5. Well, I had to have them.

green flatware

I added my sweet MIL’s glasses she just gave me. I was truly blessed with my MIL. She lives a few miles away in a nursing home and is 92. Sharp as a tack!

mrs c pink glass
So let’s put it all together!
table setting 1

Remember the Blue Hawaii? I remember him using blue/green together so that inspired the two napkins. My first college room was blue and green…1971…now you know my age. Winking smile I keep digressing on this post. I think it started with Elvis.
Sparkling napkin rings:

beaded napkin rings

It was just too hot to eat outside until dark. Here’s some night time shots:

full view night candle

table candles lit

I love playing with Picasa and trying new effects. This was a partial blur. Very romantic.

soft focus candle

Canning jar candles

laven wire cxandle
table with night shadows

I forgot to take pics of the food but we had chicken salad wraps (using Flatout bread…loved it) with avocados, potato salad, chips and salsa.

My little buddy wanted to be outside with us so badly but he’s a car chaser. How pitiful is that little face?

boo looking out

Next week, I’ll be doing a patriotic table for Labor Day.  After that, all Fall tables!!!


Elvis Hawaii

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Here in Elvis Land (Memphis) we call it THE Dollar General, also (but we don't say THE Walmart). And all dollar stores (except for The Dollar General and Fred's Dollar Store) are called THE dollar store on such and such street or in such and such neighborhood, no matter what it's true name may be.

Waiting for cooler weather here, too -- although we've had a good bit of rain so the mosquitoes are as thick as the humidity.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said... Best Blogger Tips

I doggies could be brothers!
I think Blue Hawaii is a perfect title for your tablescape!
Not starting with Fall yet. Not doing much of anything in 115 degrees!!

Linda (Nina's Nest) said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with you about summer - bye bye! It has been sooo hot. At least the southern humidity will be down today. Beautiful table - love all the thrifty pretties. Linda

FABBY'S LIVING said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with you, I love Elvis, I have real 45's, books, pics and movies! Never been to Graceland, oh well, maybe someday. My mom and dad were huge fans and they took me to see movies when I was a little girl and I used to think I will marry him when I grew up! Your tablescape is gorgeous, great details and very Hawiian too! I love every detail of your fabulous centerpiece. I'm a Queens-NY girl, so I adore fall, the colors, etc. Thank you for your always wonderful visit and lovely comments.
Lots, of hugs. FABBY

Scribbler said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a cute post! You are new to me, but I shall return. I love Elvis, and sometimes visit The Dollar Store, too. Don't worry about the food pix --I always forget to snap the food part because my husband gobbles it up before i get a chance.

jeanne said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this post so much. I too love Elvis and yes I have been to Graceland. Fabulous.

Your tablesetting is so lovely int the blue and green colors. Very Hawaii. Smile.

Hope the weather cools off soon.
Hus, Jeanne

jeanne said... Best Blogger Tips

Oops, 'HUGS, I hate typos. Me again

Nellie's Cozy place said... Best Blogger Tips

Enjoyed your post. Your table came out really cute and did look Hawaiian. I have never seen Blue Hawaii but think we might have to see if netflix has it, my hubby likes Elvis so he would probably enjoy it.
I do remember the songs tho.
that was a fun lil trip down memory lane.
Thanks, and Blessings to you,

Marigene said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute post...love the placemats.

CNM said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the color combination. I'm so jealous that you're able to say goodbye to summer. Last year I decorated for fall in early September and felt so ridiculous since our temperatures were still over 100*. Anyways, thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your seting and the jar lighting.Love the dog too!

Kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

That is so lovely! I love colored flatware too, my newest addiction!I am not ready for Fall yet though. Summer came late here, and September is the best month here on LI.
Of course we have to deal with Irene tomorrow!
I am so sorry about your son. My sister's son was killed when he was 18, life is never the same. Prayers for you!

Ann from On Sutton Place said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm cracking up at the picture of your dog inside. Priceless! Love the night pics too. Thank you for linking up to Open House Party!

Alycia Nichols said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm glad to see someone else is as crazy 'bout Elvis as I am! I happen to be listening to one of his Greatest Hits CDs right now while I'm browsing around on the TT posts! He was really something else, wasn't he? Love him! My husband and I went to visit Graceland last years and I was just mesmerized!!! Your table definitely has a beachy look and feel to it! Let's pull every last second out of summer that we can! Enjoy your weekend!!!

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said... Best Blogger Tips

Our grass is crunchy too. We need rain so badly. Hope we all who need it get a good rain soon( just not storms). Your table is very pretty with it's cute theme. Elvis was before my time but my Mom LOVES him and his music. I must admit he was good. Shannon

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Judy!

We have both this year hear... lots of hit too!

Judy, you won the Erin Houghton painting at Design Gives Back!

Please send your address....

love, kelee

Katherines Corner said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm with you sweetie, It's been so hot here. I'll hate losing the gardens to the cooler weather but welcome the temperature change, Hugs!!