Monday, June 13, 2011

Breakfast in bed...sort of

Well, Yikes! I've been sick this weekend and didn't get any posts completed for this week. However, I was looking through some of pics and I found a few favorites. So for Show off Your Cottage Monday, we've been asked to use pink if at all possible. Here's a few of mine!

Earlier this spring, I played with setting up a tray for breakfast in bed. Now I'll be honest...Mr. Dumpling sometimes brings me coffee to bed on Sat...but I just really don't like trying to sit up and drink coffee in bed. Shhhh, let's not tell him tho.

Since I don't like drinking coffee in bed, I probably wouldn't like eating in bed. So I'm going to sit in a pretty little antique oak side chair covered in yellow and pink roses. Yep, I did that...all by myself. I can prop my feet on my footstool I found on a vacation trip. Don't you just love these large cabbage roses?

Now keep in mind, this was in the spring. However, I think rabbits are so sweet, they should be used all the time. What do you think? Easter only?
In the above tray, I used a bunny china plate.

Below, I used a silver Bunny tray which I just adore. I wish I had more of these but alas...only one. The china has such soft pretty colors to go with the setting.

In this setting, I used the following:

My Noritake Reverie china - my very favorite. I bought it new myself in 1977. Quite a splurge for me back then.

Green Fruits Depression Tumbler

Placemats from my mother.

Yellow tray from a Garage Sale

Antique Mother of Pearl flatware

Now to be perfectly honest with you Dear Readers (hopefully Follower's), some of the food is real and some is...gasp....fake. Can you tell?

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Betty said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the dishes. They are so pretty. You bought them the year our daughter was born. They still look good for their age. Love your tray set up, so pretty.

Alison @ The Polohouse said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks great to me! Wish I was treated with a lovely tray complete with bunnies and china when I get sick!
I am guessing the egg is faux!?
You got me!

I love your china....great choice and still timeless. Love the way the pattern is raised.

Hope you are feeling better!
Your newest follower.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the dish. You are so beautiful. You bought them, my daughter was born in the year. They still look good for her age. Love your magazine is so beautiful.

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