Monday, January 12, 2009

Tablescape Tuesday - Jan. 12 - Noritake

I just love Tablescape Tuesday, don't you? Susan at Between Naps on the Front Porch hosts this event every Tuesday. So many great ideas!

As I mentioned in a previous post, Mr. Dumpling gave me a new set of china for Christmas. You just have to love a man who does that! Here's the story:

About a year ago, we saw this china. A local friend buys storage bins which have been turned over for unpaid fees. He comes across a lot of junk BUT a lot of treasures. We found the china buried under so many things and fell in love with it.

However, there were no dinner plates and no pattern name. Without the dinner plates, I wasn't really interest. At this point, there was service for 12 of cups, saucers, cream soups, dessert bowls, gravy boat, sugar and creamer.

Fast forward to this November. I kept thinking about this china so went to to find the pattern. I spent hours and I do mean hours searching every Noritake pattern. Lo and behold, I found it!! It doesn't have a "name" but is called Pattern no. 117. Guess what? They had 10 dinner plates!!

If you are familiar with, you know they are not known for their bargains. However, if you are trying to complete a set, it is the place to find the rare or unusual pieces. One week later, I had plates for Christmas!

I am not normally a blue person. I have very little blue in my house but this china just spoke to me. It has a tan scroll border with a background of blue. There are clusters of flowers in pink, rust and yellow with the green leaves. All the pieces are gold trimmed.

The mark is the Noritake Green M Wreath which indicates this pattern was made between 1918 and 1921. The pieces we purchases are in mint condition so it was lovingly cared for...except for whatever happened to those original dinner plates!

Mr. Dumpling also collects opalescent glass. I've added some of his blue opalescent collection to the pictures. Enjoy!!

This is another opalescent pitcher in a different pattern.

I just love the little tongs that look like hands on the pickle castor.

The blue harp cake stand holds a special place in my heart. It belonged to my Auntie, Mother's only sister. Harp cake stands were made by Jeannette Glass in the 1950's. This color is called iced blue.

She was actually going to sell it in a garage sale and Mother was just horrified. You see where I get this love of glass from? Mother purchased it on the spot. I always use it to hold my Italian Cream Cake. This picture shows it with one of the faux cakes I have. I just love to decorate with those.

Happy Tablescape Tuesday and don't forget to check out all the other posts for great ideas.


Kathleen Ellis said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh! I love this pattern! I've seen miscellaneous pieces here and there and always come close to picking them up. You are so lucky to have found that many pieces!
I see you have a mirrored cake tableaux, too...what's the history on that?
Beautiful table!
Have a happy week!

Rattlebridge Farm said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your china, and I'm so happy you found the pieces at Replacements. I love this beautiful tablescape--and your blue glass is stunning!

Betsy Brock said... Best Blogger Tips

I've come from Susan's! Beautiful table! I love the blue daisy patterned pickle castor! Gorgeous! I have a lemonade set in the cranberry color. :)

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful china and great find that you could complete the set. Love the mirrored cake stand. I passed up an antique one about 20 years ago, and haven't forgot it yet!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations on your Christmas china and the discovery of the dinner plates! I adore these dishes - they're so beautiful! You've really set a glorious table and I love the glassware of your hubby. Oh, what splendor!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Lady Katherine said... Best Blogger Tips

I do love this pattern! Yeah, you found it and was able to complete the set! I love the the mirrored cake stand. The blue glass is beautiful! Now I want your Italian cream cake recipe! I have found many, but just not, a great tasting cake. Please! lol

English Cottage in Georgia said... Best Blogger Tips

Lucky, lucky, lucky! The Noritake dishes are beautifuland you have such unique pieces that "go with".
IMHO, I think you were blessed. I have found that bowls especially soup bowls are the most difficult and expensive to find and replace.
Your tablescape is stunning!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi there Judybug... I love your dishes... your table looks beautiful!

Donna Marie

Blondie's Journal said... Best Blogger Tips

What a georgous tablescape. In addition to your Christmas China, I loved all the accent pieces. I have never seen opalescent glass before and it is incredibly beautiful. Your photography looks like it is right out of a magazine!! Enough gushing...:-) Where do you find faux desserts? Not only do they make my mouth water but they are such a lovely addition to a table setting.


ellen b. said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh what a beautiful pattern on this china! I'm so glad you found the dinner plates! What a beautiful table and cake plates!!

The Bliss Journey said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the pattern and the blue glassware really makes it pop. How lucky you were to find the replacement. It was meant to be.

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful tablescape.... I love your table!

Susan (Between Naps On The said... Best Blogger Tips

Judy...girl, you definitely hit the jack pot! I love your beautiful glad you found plates to go with it! And your cake platter is gorgeous...glad your Mom saved it to pass down to you! Mr. Dumpling has excellent taste, btw! :-) Susan

Cami @ Creating Myself said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, that is beautiful china! And the blue pieces on your table really make it pop!

Your faux pasties loook good enough to eat!

Susan (Between Naps On The said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Judy...forgot to answer your question. The charger is a ceramic charger I bought at either Horchow or Neiman Marcus, online about a year ago. They may have them again sometime.


Linda Q said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh Judy, simply gorgeous! I love all the glassware and antiques you put with this pattern, pretty pretty! Love your story of how you came upon it and yes, replacements is good. I have sent them digital photos of things before and they have IDed the pattern for me also. Very nice!
Thanks , I enjoyed that!

Knittings Nice! said... Best Blogger Tips

A stunning table and such delicate china.

Dixie said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful tablescape. I love this china pattern... I too have seen pieces here and there, but never a full setting. The pieces look so delicate... just perfect! I enjoyed your story of finding them as well...
have a blissful day... Dixie

Confessions of a Plate Addict said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my! I laughed when I saw your header! lol I knew I'd found a friend. Thanks for visiting my blog!I love your tablescape! The blue glass is gorgeous!...Debbie

Kay said... Best Blogger Tips

What beautiful dishes! The pattern is so beautiful and makes me smile just to look at and to think they have such a special story of discovery and purchase! Just wow! Thanks so much for sharing.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said... Best Blogger Tips

This is such beautiful china, and what a wonderful tablescape. I love your gorgeous blue pitchers and the cake stand. What a lovely tablescape. laurie

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful pattern, and it's looks fabulous with the blue glass pieces also! You did a wonderful job putting this tablescape together! ~Rhonda :)

~CC Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

Judy Bug, Absolutely love the china, and I think what makes this such a fabulous tablescape is that it's something that evolved over time. There's something that's very satisfying when you find things coming together with completing a set! Your "Dumplings" additions in blue really create a lovely contrast. You've made a fan out of me on my first visit, have joined you as a follower! Come on over for a scone and tea for a visit with me! 8=) ~CC Catherine

PAT said... Best Blogger Tips

Your table is beautiful. How wonderful for you to find the pattern name and replacements. It's a beautiful pattern. I love your other pieces too.

Charlene said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad you got your dinner plates. Don't we love Repalcements Unlimited! I saw a plate on Susan's Tablescape last week & went online & bought it from Replacements Unlimited. Still waiting for it's arrival but, I am so glad they are there. I visited the showroom in N. Carolina when we went through there on vacation. Unbelievable! And it is so cool that your sweetie collects the blue glassware.

Kathy said... Best Blogger Tips

Simply gorgeous! The china pattern is wonderful - and how cool is it that your husband collects the blue glass!


Lisa (aka) French said... Best Blogger Tips

The pattern is lovely! And I really love that opalescent blue pitcher...everything looks marvelous! French;)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Judybug,
I just love your beautiful china, and the whole effect is so soft and charming. Thanks for your kind commments. I am starting to think that I should move to the south as most of the talented ladies seem to live there. Cindy in cold frozen Wi

Alisa Lucas-Brown said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi JudyBug,
What an absolutely beautiful table and I love your china. The blue glass pieces you have used really complement the pattern. I love your dinning room chandy too! Very elegant. I love your blog. I visit again soon.

Ldy ~~ Dy said... Best Blogger Tips

This china pattern is so pretty. Glad you found the replacements to complete your china set. Your setting is beautiful.

Diana LaMarre said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great story. I am so glad you found the dinner plates. I have spent many hours at myself. It's a great place to find out when dishes were made, etc.

The blue opalescent pitcher is stunning! It's so nice to have a husband who shares your passion for dishes.

I have a harp cake plate. But mine is clear with gold trim. I don't think I have ever seen one in blue.

Salmagundi said... Best Blogger Tips

Your header always makes me catch my breath whenever I click on your blog. But, your new dishes are pretty spectacular, also. Beautiful table! Sally

Tardevil said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm with you! Those plates are gorgeous! Love Mr. Hubby's glass collection too. The blue pieces are just awesome!

Sue said... Best Blogger Tips

beautiful, beautiful, I think Mr. Dumpling spoils his sweetie wife right!!!!!!!!


xinex said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful dinnerware. How lucky of you to find the dinner plates! The mnirrored tray and blue glassware are lovely....Christine

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What a beautiful post. I love the china and how wonderful you found the plates. the blue glassware is gorgeous too.