Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eureka! I NEED that buffet!

Each year, we make our annual pilgrimage to Branson, MO and Eureka Springs, AR. For the past few years, we stay at a condo in Branson...mainly because we take Boudreaux with us. However, we always drive over to Eureka Springs for antique shopping.

There are several wonderful shops and antique malls in Eureka Springs. While shopping in 2004, George dropped me off at the Victorian Village and he went on his own adventure. When he picked me up, he was just raving about an American oak buffet in the mall. I usually tune this out because we often have different taste on furniture. That day though, he wouldn't let it go. We went back to look at it, but the mall was closed.

We ate at our favorite Italian restaurant, Emilios, and headed back to Branson. George still couldn't let the buffet go and I heard about it in detail. Long story short...we headed back to Eureka Springs the next day. Believe it or not...he was right! I fell in love with it and we purchased the buffet. Yes, we traveled not only back to Branson and down the strip but all the way home with this buffet carefully wrapped in the back of an Avalanche.

In this picture are some of my favorite dishes called Mason Vista transferware. I'll feature them in another post.

We have some wonderful memories attached to our antiques. We name them by where we bought them such as the Haskell (OK) dresser, the Carnes (TX) bookcase, the Canton (TX) pier mirror and so on. More on those later!